8Hours PlayTable – World’s first blockchain-enabled tabletop game console


The 8Hours Foundation is focused on creating an ecosystem for playing games with other people by utilizing the VeChainThor Blockchain – together with its affiliates and founding partners. With the Eight Hours Token (EHrT), the foundation strives to enable platform-wide features within that ecosystem. EHrT will be a VIP-180 token, having recently moved away from the Ethereum blockchain. The foundation is driven by bringing together a community of:

  • Game Developers & Publishers
  • Toy Manufacturers
  • Collectors & Players
  • Token Holders


The mission of 8Hours is connecting people and encouraging social interaction. Social play with meaningful experiences, bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds and creating the best ecosystem by connecting people together.

8Hours PlayTable – Bridging the physical and digital gaming worlds

As one of the projects incubated by CREAM, the 8Hours Foundation has undergone their CREAMethod incubation process.

The platform will use VeChain’s RFID systems, Multi-Party Payments (MPP) as well as Multi-Task Transaction (MTT) protocols. Together, these technologies bring blockchain adoption to a new level. MPP makes it more than easy to onboard gamers and new partners into the ecosystem. It removes the entry-barrier for players to use and understand blockchain as the foundation can sponsor transactions for them. With MTT, both developers and end-users can batch transactions together and further enhance smart-contract features that make operating costs predictable, transparent and efficient. Further reading on MPP and MTT here.

8Hours Foundation and PlayTable have recently opened their whitelist for the New Token Issuance (NTI). Make sure to join their community on Telegram: https://t.me/The8HoursFoundation

The Platform

The 8Hours Platform is a platform for everyone, whether you are a game developer, publisher, toy manufacturer, collector, player or EHrT token holder.

Game Developers & Publishers

The platform provides the possibility for unique game mechanics, integrating physical toys, minting your own in-game currencies and credit systems – all the things a game developer needs.

With 8Hours, publishers can easily secure and track their intellectual properties (IP), promote their games, tap into a widely developed community and further monetize their games.

The EHrT tokens allow for an easy way to create non-fungible tokens called “Authentic Asset Certificates” or AAC. ACCs link physical assets such as collectibles with the proof of ownership. These physical assets will be able to obtain data that will make them more valuable such as: skills, levels, items, power-ups, experience, won (and lost) battles, and anything else a gamer, game developer or publisher might think of.

All these data changes will be transacted through the use of the VeChainThor Blockchain and will use its underlying gas VTHO, causing the data become immutable and allowing the ownership to be verified. This further empowers the community, as all these assets can be further used within markets, other dApps, communities, gaming events and other elements within the gaming ecosystem.

Battlegrid – Combining RFID technology, blockchain and cards on Playtable

Toy Manufacturers

8Hours can help with the marketing of products made by toy manufacturers and give them a way to guarantee authenticity, and establish further collaboration with publishers.

Integrating digital art assets, graphics, sounds & music, upgrades, weapons, items and anything else you can think of, will give toy manufacturers plenty of opportunities to increase the value of their business. With toy makers burning EHrT tokens to mint ACCs and utilizing RFID chips, they have another way to monetize their toys. A whole new world will open up to the players and their communities to further strengthen brand-value.

Collectors & Players

Verifying the authenticity of collectibles, and purchasing content on marketplaces is key for collectors and players. Being able to participate in community activities and events is made easy through the 8Hours Platform.

By using EHrT, collectors and players can check and verify the authenticity of their products (e.g. collectibles), trade or purchase content within the (third-party) marketplaces, and participating in various community events or other activities.

Token Holders

With EHrT (VIP-180) and the EHrT non-fungible (VIP-181) tokens, token holders can use these tokens within the ecosystem for their utility. As time passes and demand increases, value slowly increases as more players, partners and games are joining and growing the ecosystem.

“8Hours is founded with the mission to connect people and encourage social interactions. We found that the best way to foster social bonds is simply by spending 8 hours a week interacting with each other, and so we set out to the most meaningful experiences there are: social play. We remain truthful to our human nature by bridging the physical and digital worlds in order to create the best possible open gaming ecosystem that is all about connecting people together.”

Minting In-game Currencies

Game developers and publishers (in addition to the collectors and players themselves) are also able to use the EHrT token to mint newly branded in-game currencies (IGCs). These can be used to reward users for participating in events, playing games, providing data such as in-game stats and helping in campaigns to market the games even further.

Continuous Demand, Growth and Value

These IGCs may help in creating different game economies, while using the EHrT token underneath, fostering continuous growth, demand and value. For example, you might be able to use your ‘Dragon Toy’ and its associated ‘Dragon Credits’ within both a D&D game as well as a completely different fighting game. Players will for example be able to take their favorite toy between different games, and not lose their history, progress, data and the unique feeling of them being collectibles.

The Console

As the world’s first tabletop gaming console that supports blockchain, PlayTable fully utilizes the technology and support of the 8Hours Platform. The PlayTable supports unique features such as “toy reality”, immutable authentication and customization, better playability and immersion, exclusive gaming title partnerships, and more. With more and more games supported, developed and in the works, we expect the PlayTable to be a great way to see blockchain adoption grow even further.

“PlayTable is the ultimate device for bringing people together. What came to be was first-of-its-kind technology that allowed physical game pieces to interact with the board on a digital level.”

Intended as a console that creates the “ultimate social gaming experience”, the PlayTable has many different board games to play with your friends, colleagues and family. You can use the board and your phone to trade tokens, view and update balances and get rewards by playing games.

Catan – Less time setting up, more time playing and making memories!

Players can sync their toys, play their favorite games, or even create their own by utilizing the Unity-supportive PlayTable. Two of the included examples are Battlegrid and Catan.


As the central token within the ecosystem, EHrTs will be used for:

  • Minting non-fungible tokens, meant to be attached to physical or digital assets
  • Registering, managing, licensing and selling intellectual property (IP
  • Adding (redeemable) ‘store of value’ to assets
  • Platform feature subscriptions
  • Supporting in-game currencies of IP owners to enable cross-platform integration
  • Trading physical, digital and identity assets on different (third-party) markets
  • Creating events, quests and loyalty rewards
  • Arrange sponsorships, submitting grants and more

On top of this, 50% of the used EHrTs will be burned when creating new assets, while the other 50% is sent to the 8Hours Foundation to support development, marketing and community growth as to further strengthen the ecosystem.

Lastly, EHrTs may be earned by completing development objectives such as bug bounties, content submissions, marketing objectives, securing partnership deals and other incentivized purposes.

Token Issuance

The total amount of EHrT tokens equals 10 billion (10,000,000,000) tokens. The New Token Issuance (NTI) is for 26% of the total supply (2,600,000,000). While the NTI allocation is done via both BTC and VET, at least 70% will be done in VET.

Private Sale

Investors that are interested in participating in the private sale can contact CREAM at info@creamandpartners.com or the team at hello@8hoursfoundation.org. The minimum investment is 15mm VET or 25 BTC for the private sale, with private investors receiving 20% extra EHrT tokens compared to those in the public sale. This amounts to 4.33 EHrT per VET or 3,000,000 EHrTs per BTC.

Public Sale

More details are to be released at a later date.

Token Allocation

The following numbers are rough estimates, based on what was known in the official Medium release.

New Token Issuance

The NTI amounts to roughly ~26% – 30%.

  • Private Issuance: 15% – 20%
  • Community/Public Issuance: 5.5% – 10%
  • Special Issuance: 3% (1x 1.0%)

Further Development

The rest of the token allocation meant for further development is around ~70% – 74% of the total allocation.

  • Grants and Promotional Use: 25%
  • Business Development and Marketing: 15%
  • Team (locked for 2 years): 10%
  • Advisors and Strategic Partners: 5%
  • Initial Developer 8Hours Exchange Service Pool: 5%
  • Reserves: 14%


As for the roadmap, the coming quarters are quite exciting.

For Q2 2019, the hardware development will be finished and the private sale has started. In Q3 of 2019, alpha testing and integration of the PlayTable begins, the framework, designs and guidelines for (building) games will be completed and the public sale will start. In addition, the EHrT tokens will be minted and distributed. Near the end of 2019, in Q4, the user-platform is to be completed, library of games will be developed and partnerships with publishers for game IP are to be enacted.

The first game is planned to launch on the network for PlayTable in Q1 2020, and further releases of core features will be made available. By Q3 2020 several third party games will be released and unique SDKs will be made available for game development. With the third party developer ecosystem growing along, the PlayTable will be available globally. Further efforts in the future will be spent on pursuing AAA IP partnerships, collaborating with enterprise partners and continuing to grow business development.


We believe that 8Hours Foundation and the PlayTable will be a great project whether you are a player, collector, game developer, publisher, toy manufacturer or investor. There are a lot of competitive advantages to the ecosystem being built, namely by combining blockchain and RFID technology via VeChain and the powerful piece of hardware the PlayTable itself presents.

8 Hours has great tokenomics focused on the creation and store of value, where the use and burning of EHrT is central. We think the utility of the EHrT tokens is one of the strongest within the blockchain gaming industry. You will be able to download games from its own appstore and easily add them to your game library using EHrT.

Linking your favorite collectibles and toys with RFID sensors is one of the many features for the PlayTable. These collectibles can then be used to store tokens, data and value in general.

The value of the project lies with the many possibilities and features within the ecosystem. Creating new assets burns the EHrTs that the different parties use to interact with the platform. This means that there is a demand for the token, and the token appreciates in value through usage and adoption. For publishers it’s important to protect their intellectual property, where the EHrT may be of great help.

By combining EHrT (VIP-180) tokens and non-fungible tokens (VIP-181), we expect many new (third-party) markets will be launched for a multitude of games and websites. In-game currencies can be integrated in the various platforms, letting users enjoy events, buy items and power-ups, earn loyalty rewards, and more. It’s even possible to redeem the value of the physical and digital assets, similar to the NFTs used in projects such as Enjin, only this time without presenting a usage barrier to the users – such as requiring them to buy gas, preventing them from participating in transactions. The VeChainThor blockchain and its MPP and MTT technologies empowers the end-users by letting them use the blockchain without knowing it, in the most user-friendly way possible.

But currencies and tokens are not the only aspect that present value in the ecosystem. Value also stems from the data linked to the collectibles and the emotional value and story that this represents. Levels, stats and achievements are all gathered over time and require effort to achieve. Collectibles and achievements are two other aspects that increase demand of the token.

In addition to the excellent team and their previous achievements, the prominent and exclusive partners and publishers and the undervalued problem that it solves, we can’t do anything but look forward to the newest addition to the ecosystem.

The combination of good utility for the token, value increasing mechanisms, and the large amount of features on the platform, makes this project one to look out for and watch closely.

You can reserve your very own PlayTable now! VeChain community members get a discount for reserving early.

You can read more about the official release here and here.

As with many of our other Featured articles, we’ll update these retroactively as we go along.