Comet – The gateway for dApps on the VeChainThor blockchain!


Comet is a native wallet for your web browser that enables direct communication with the VeChainThor blockchain. Comet provides developers with a powerful platform to create and distribute dApps, and a familiar environment for users to experience the many benefits of blockchain applications.

You can install the Comet browser extension for Chrome here.

What does Comet do?

So what does Comet do exactly? Comet allows you to manage your VET and VIP-180 tokens and run VeChainThor dApps straight from your browser. Comet makes this possible by injecting a web3 Javascript object into each webpage, exposing the browser to the standard (thorified) web3 API. Simply put, it allows dApps to run in your browser without having to sync and run a full VeChainThor node on your device.

Web3 is a widely used collection of Javascript libraries which allow you to interact with a local or remote Ethereum node, using a HTTP or IPC connection. Thorify is a web3 adaptor for the VeChain Thor RESTful HTTP API. By exposing the thorified web3 API, Comet allows dApps to run in your browser by letting the webpage access the VeChainThor blockchain.

Manage your funds from your browser

Comet provides the user with a simple and straightforward wallet interface, letting you easily manage your VET and other VeChain ecosystem tokens from your browser. When installed, Comet automatically generates a VET address for you. Alternatively, you can import an existing wallet address using your private key or keystore file.

Users of Comet are always in control of their own funds and private keys, as these are stored securely on your computer instead of a centralized database. This makes Comet a more decentralized option as opposed to a centralized wallet provider such as Arkane Network, where you do not control your private keys. Comet gives you, and only you, the seed phrase (12 words), which you can use to generate your private keys or keystore file, or to import your Comet address into a different wallet.

Comet lets you send and receive funds from your browser and sign transactions initiated by dApps you interact with on the web.

Manage funds straight from your browser with Comet

Interact with dApps on VeChainThor

By allowing you to securely sign transactions from your browser, Comet lets you interact with smart contracts on the VeChainThor blockchain. By integrating Comet in the front-end of your dApp, you allow the users to interact with your dApp on the web, greatly increasing your potential user base.

From a user standpoint, Comet will be a gateway to access and explore the many dApps coming to VeChainThor, straight from your browser.

Other features coming up

Totient is already working on other features to make Comet more adoption-ready and to integrate it into existing solutions.

Support for Connex

Comet will support Connex. Connex is a web3 alternative developed by VeChain to make the life of VeChainThor developers easier. Connex provides a set of well-designed APIs and by injecting a Connex Object into web apps, developers can more easily build dApps on VeChainThor.

Connex will be the standard interface to connect dApps with VeChainThor and the users.

Extensionless option for mobile

Comet will feature an extensionless option that allows users to run dApps on mobile web browsers. This gives users access to VeChainThor, not only on desktops, but also on mobile devices.

Verified dApp program

Comet will have a Verified dApp program to improve the user experience. This program will feature dApps verified by Totient, so users won’t have to worry about security or potentially malicious dApps.

VeForge Vault integration

VeForge Vault is a web app that lets you manage the VET and VeChain ecosystem tokens stored on your Ledger hardware wallet.

Comet will be integrated in VeForge Vault, allowing for the seamless management of your funds.

The VeForge Vault Dashboard

What does all of this mean for VeChainThor?

As VeChainThor is a public blockchain, developers and businesses are free to build on the platform, provided they have the tools and documentation to do so. VeChain has mentioned that starting this year, there will be a greater focus on providing these essential resources.

Meanwhile, Totient has already begun to make VeChainThor development easier by giving us Comet. From reading this article, you should understand by now that Comet is integral to the adoption of the VeChainThor blockchain. Letting users manage funds and interact with dApps on the web removes a great barrier for both users and developers of VeChainThor.

Comet is incredibly easy to use and hides many of the complexities of the blockchain in the background. It is an adoption-ready solution that still gives you full control over your assets and private keys.

Who is the team behind Comet?

Comet is developed by Totient Labs, a blockchain venture studio driving the growth and adoption of the VeChainThor blockchain.

Totient has been working hard to develop essential tools for VeChainThor users, such as Veforge Explore, VeForge Vault, the VET Ledger app, and now Comet.

While VeChain is the company that gave us the VeChainThor blockchain, Totient is the company that provides us many of the tools needed to actually make use of it. The vision of Totient is simple:

All of Totient’s projects are built with the goal of driving the mass adoption of blockchain technology. We envision a world where crypto assets are everywhere, whether or not people realize it.

If you’ve used any of Totient’s solutions before, you’ll know their products are very straightforward and intuitive. They have been designed with a focus on adoption and accessibility, and make the VeChainThor blockchain seamless and easy-to-use even for people not familiar with crypto assets or blockchain technology.

What can we do to help?

While Totient makes tools such as Comet to make the lives of VeChainThor users and developers easier, the actual adoption part is up to us, the community. So what can we do?

As a community member

Install the Comet Chrome extension and familiarize yourself with it. The Comet extension creates an address for you and automatically starts in testnet, so you don’t have to worry about your funds or security. Check out the settings if you’d like, it’s all rather straightforward.

If you want to import your own wallet, you can follow this excellent guide by VeChainInsider:

As Comet will be integral to VeChainThor dApps, familiarizing yourself with it will give you a headstart in exploring the many wonderful dApps that are being developed or will be developed in the near future.

As a developer

If you’re a VeChainThor developer, you’ll probably already understand what Comet does and why it is essential for dApp development. If you’re not a VeChainThor developer, but would like to get started, Comet will be part of your VeChainThor development curriculum. Here are some links to get you started with Comet:

Setting Up Your VeChainThor Development Environment

Comet Web3 Compatability Guide

When you think you’ve got your development environment configured for Comet, you can check out the following example:

If you’re already familiar with VeChainThor development and know how to integrate Comet in your applications, you can start looking at Connex:

Connex Github Repository

Connex API Reference


Totient strives for adoption of the VeChainThor blockchain, and Comet is a prime example of the tools necessary to achieve said adoption. Like mentioned above, Comet hides many of the complexities of the blockchain in the background and Comet integration in other products and services will provide users a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Not only Totient’s own products will support Comet. As part of Plair’s partnership with Totient, Plair has mentioned that Comet is one of Totient’s solutions they will use to drastically increase the accessibility of the Plair platform. Plair has announced that they will be internally integrating Comet to streamline dApps being built on their platform and they will be piloting Comet’s Verified dApp program.

Most importantly, by integrating directly with Comet our dApps will behave for our end users like apps they normally would use. Comet provides an effortless experience for our users.

Additionally, the CEO and CTO of Safe Haven have both confirmed that their ThorBlock solution will support Comet, and it is likely that their other solutions will as well.

As we come closer to achieving the vision of widespread adoption of blockchain technology and crypto assets, blockchain projects and companies will need to deliver products that are accessible to users that don’t have any experience managing digital assets. Totient’s solutions like Comet make this possible, by opening up the web as a platform for dApps and providing users with a seamless way to manage their funds and interact with these dApps.

Ultimately, dApps should have the ease-of-use of their decentralized counterparts, while still offering the benefits of blockchain technology and tokenized assets. Comet is an enormous step towards achieving that goal.




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