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Plair is a gaming ecosystem powered by the VeChainThor blockchain. Rewards in the form of Plair tokens (PLA) are given to gamers that play and watch content, and to those that create content or interact socially with other users on the platform.

Users of the gaming-platform and -ecosystem are given tools that work across games – tools to find competitions, communities and to provide value through the creation and spreading of content via decentralized ways.

We are convinced that gaming is one of the easiest and most logical ways through which mass-adoption of blockchain technology can be realized. Games might very well be the catalyst that the world needs.

With an ever-growing market, eSports are here to stay. We’re taking note of reports about the immense market growth of eSports. These reports suggest that the market in 2017 (USD 694.2 million) is steadily increasing to a projected market of 2023 (USD 2,174.8 million), with a annual growth-rate of over 18% between 2018 and 2023. Business Matters, a leading SME business magazine, published an article near the end of 2018 where they mentioned eSports to be worth over USD 1 billion by 2020.

Summary of 2018

Patrick Tang (Pat), CEO of Plair, concluded the year 2018 with a nice message to the community. As Plair’s 2018 passed, we look forward to an exciting start of the new year. So, what has really happened in 2018?

The first few months

Plair teamed up with the strategic partners VeChain, Sunny Lu and CREAM. With the VeChainThor blockchain up and running, Plair will make great use of its many features such as the Multi-Party Payment (MPP) and Multi-Task Transaction (MTT) protocols.

As most of you know, many of the NEO or Ethereum projects running on-chain, often have to deal with bottlenecks such as transactions per second (TPS) or network congestion issues. The VeChain MPP and MTT technologies allow Plair and other dApps running on the VeChainThor Blockchain to not have to deal with many end-user problems. This will help increase the rate of adoption of blockchain technology across the board.

MPP is a base (payment) protocol within the VeChainThor Blockchain. It allows parties that do on-chain transactions to pay the VTHO network fees of the blockchain on behalf of someone else. By sponsoring such network fees, end-users that are running dApps on the VeChainThor Blockchain can do so in the very same way they use non-decentralized apps.

One of the many important features of the MTT protocol for the VeChainThor Blockchain is clauses. This feature allows each transaction to contain multiple clauses. A clause contains its own “To”, “Value” and “Data” fields. It enables users to send several clauses together within one transaction. This in turn greatly reduces the cost of transactions and helps in situations where a larger volume of transactions is deemed necessary.

What this means for Plair is that they can offer a platform without worrying about scalability issues and it allows them to offer a smooth and seamless experience similar to traditional gaming-platforms, but with the added benefits of blockchain technology.

In May Boxmining, a crypto- and gaming advisor, joined Plair to help with the gaming platform. Plair started their private sale in June, which was sold out fairly quickly. Pat, the CEO of Plair, also did a live AMA to explain what Plair is all about. You can find the transcript of the AMA here.

Fenbushi Capital, a major Chinese venture-capital fund, invested in Plair in July. In addition, Bo Shen, who is one of the founders of Fenbushi Capital and GF Network, joined the board of Plair as a strategic advisor.

Later in the year

In August and September, Plair announced (strategic) partnerships with Jeremy Lin’s VGJ Dota II teams and Axeso5, South America’s largest publisher and cybercafe network.

“Axeso5 is the largest video games publisher in Latin America with over 14+ Million users across their entire publishing platform. They also have a massive cyber cafe network of over 7000+ cafes.”

Two gaming industry advisors were announced by Plair in September as well. Jason Fletcher has an enormous network of influencers and is a former Director of Marketing for Twitch. The other addition to Plair is Marc Bell, who is great at building strategic partnerships, managing start-ups and helping with business development.

In October, Plair partnered with Safe Haven, a project focused on building solutions for crypto financial services and applications. Plair used Safe Haven’s pooling solution ThorBlock to facilitate the public sale, which was a smooth and simple experience.

Plair also added Gogawi as yet another partner. Gogawi is a global leader in eSports betting, live streaming and community support. Plair will share its data with Gogawi, letting their users place bets on tournaments with the ensurance of integrity of match data through blockchain technology.

As November started, GoodGameBuzz became a partner of Plair. They provide an online gaming community that focuses on tech development, creation of gaming content and hosting of popular gaming events. GoodGameBuzz will help to increase awareness of Plair in the eSports and blockchain communities. Plair also signed a partnership with Bitrep, which is a platform to connect influencers with a variety of brands that have a combined following of over 50 million users.

Last but not least, Plair signed a partnership with Totient Labs. Plair will use their Comet solution in order to increase the end-user experience, accessibility and adoption of the gaming Platform, which we’ll discuss below.

Finally the year ended with a message from CEO Patrick Tang which featured some teasers about what to expect the coming months.


Although we only mentioned a handful of the many partners that Plair signed up with, we’d like to emphasize Totient and Safe Haven. We think that they will be – and have been – adding a lot of value to the gaming ecosystem Plair is building.

We can be assured of strong connections to other ecosystem projects when reading about the synergy between the partnerships. CREAM is a strategic advisory and investment firm based in the US, and acts as a strong catalyst for start ups and executive teams through real blockchain technology use cases and strong tokenomics. They help with increasing the scope of startups and enterprises and also support business development, opening many doors to fruitful partnerships. By having them as Plair’s strategic advisor, we can expect there to be strong utility for the PLA tokens, a solid vision and good synergy with other projects.


Totient is an activist crypto hedge fund (Totient Capital) and blockchain venture studio (Totient Labs). They are known within the VeChain community for many of their solutions, such as: Comet, VeForge Vault, VeForge Explore and the VeChain Ledger app.

Now why do we mention them specifically, you might wonder? Simple. The projects that are built by Totient’s team are focused on increasing the mass adoption of blockchain technology and specifically the VeChainThor blockchain. Their aim is to make crypto assets used on a massive scale without users realizing they’re using crypto assets.


Totient is working on Comet, a web3 supportive (native) wallet for your web browser, that enables direct communication with the VeChainThor blockchain. Comet provides developers with a powerful platform to create and distribute dApps, and a familiar environment for users to experience the many benefits of blockchain applications.

“We have been extremely impressed with what Totient has done for VeChainThor so far, therefore, we are happy to welcome Totient to the Plair family. They have proven to us the ability to deliver great products and provide huge support for the Plair and VeChainThor ecosystems.” — Patrick Tang, CEO of Plair

With Comet, your funds are within your own control. You own and have full control over your private keys and your digital assets. The most important aspect to Plair, is that Comet provides a so called “effortless experience” for the users of the gaming ecosystem. The various dApps that run within Plair’s gaming ecosystem will not feel or look like they were any different than regular applications.

You can read more about Comet on their Medium, Twitter or website. The Open Beta is live and you can try out the Comet Chrome extension now. The coming months, Comet will support Connex, the standard inferface to connect dApps with the blockchain and users. Comet will also feature an extensionless option, allowing dApps to run on mobile. Additionally, Comet will be integrated in Veforge Vault and there will be a Verified dApp program.

Safe Haven

Safe Haven has recently increased their scope from providing digital inheritance solutions, to being a full-fledged “Crypto Asset Management Technology Infrastructure Builder”. Their focus is to build solutions for the management of digital assets, the creation of financial technologies and custom products such as their own hardware wallet.

In addition to solutions and services like Trust Alliance Network (TAN), Protection Plans and ThorBlock, a key component to their success is their patented Share Distribution (SD) protocols, SDKs, tools, libraries and technology plugins.

In October they held an AMA, in which they answered many of the questions that were asked by their community. In December, they revealed their roadmap for the first two quarters of 2019. If you’re interested in reading more about Safe Haven, you can find our recent article about them here.

Safe Haven’s Roadmap for Q1 and Q2 of 2019

As mentioned earlier, Plair formed a strategic alliance with Safe Haven. Plair will integrate their platform with Safe Haven’s wallet solution. With this technology, the users will have a seamless user experience without having to deal with complicated crypto-wallets. In turn, the transition from traditional to decentralized applications for gaming will become flawless and effortless.

What will 2019 bring us?

Building the product

In October, Plair revealed its product demo which seems to be very user-friendly and accessible. In our opinion it looks to be going in the right direction.

Demo of Plair’s tournament product

In Plair’s year-end-review it was mentioned that Plair is recruiting 200 community members to take part in testing the platform. Players will be rewarded in PLA tokens for their valuable feedback, which can help in improving the product. With this feedback in hand, Plair will use February to further improve the UI, UX, matchingmaking and other features for the platform.

After the first two months of 2019, the Plair beta will be launched with Dota II as the first game to be featured on the platform. The public can then stake tournaments and engage in social activities such as adding friends and chatting. The wallets will allow for easy deposits and withdrawals of PLA tokens.

After the first quarter of 2019, Plair will continue to add new features, increase the size of the user-base on the platform, on-board new partners and more.

Alpha signup

In the first month of 2019, Plair launched their platform website and had a more than successful Alpha test signup.

Token utility and value

As per the whitepaper, we can see that there are many methods via which the PLA token can circulate within the gaming ecosystem of Plair. The use case and utility of the token is clear, which further increases the value of the gaming ecosystem as a whole.

The PLA token can be used in the following ways (more can be found in the whitepaper): playing matches, voting, receiving coaching lessons, gaining access to data analytics, E-commerce products, sponsoring challenges, paying for quests, verifying matches, defeating purchased quests, winning matches, participating in events, and so on.

With eSports having a fan base of over 200 million fans, the second largest in the world, we are more than interested in the value Plair can provide to the gaming- and eSports (crypto) space.

There are plans for users to run desktop master nodes, which will help in verifying and processing match data and allow the owners of these nodes to earn PLA. In addition, participating in the so called “tribunal pools” when a match is contested can further circulate the token and increase demand via semi-passive means. By utilizing the MPP features of VeChainThor and allowing fiat currency on-ramps, the barrier to enter the gaming ecosystem of Plair is significantly reduced, and potentially increases the rate at which adoption and thus demand for the PLA token can occur.

With a total supply of 100 billion PLA tokens, Plair has its plan set on delivering a token economy in which the PLA tokens will be in high demand and circulate at a massive rate. The token by design is meant to be transacted as fluidly as possible. With nodes staking tokens to help with match verification, the affected actual circulating supply will cause adoption of the platform to move the value of the gaming ecosystem at an exponential rate.


We will follow this project throughout the upcoming quarter and the rest of 2019. It is a well designed project with a crystal clear use-case and an enormous target audience, in a consistently growing market. Plair provides a platform and a utility which will prove to be used within the real-world use case of gaming.

As we believe games can be a catalyst for blockchain adoption, we’re optimistic that the gaming and eSports industry will lead the way. The value proposition of the Plair gaming ecosystem is significant. The effect that mass adoption in the ‘real world’ will have on the demand for its utility token PLA, will possibly turn Plair into one of the largest projects in the VeChainThor ecosystem.

Plair is a project that synergizes well with other projects and players within the VeChain ecosystem. Take for instance Safe Haven and Totient, which we discussed above, but also the p2p gaming and casino platform.

Plair is – unlike many other projects that survived 2018 – already showing signs recovery market-wise. With the support of the VeChain ecosystem projects and especially the community, Plair could become the leading gaming platform in the world. The best part? People haven’t found it yet, while you’re reading this article.


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